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earrings Kawaii Cactus


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Necklace Jack


I\'m Fucking Unicorn  T-shirt
I'm Fucking Unicorn T-shirt

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earrings Galaxy Fox


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Rainbow Plush Ball gel pen gel pen


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» General Conditions of Sales

Read the instructions carefully making sure you understand them.

Ensure you have read all the instructions in the manual before wearing your lenses new. Follow these instructions to give you the maximum comfort of use.

Preparation for Use

Hygiene is an essential part of the preparation.
Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly, removing all traces that could cause contamination or damage during handling your lenses.
Always soak your lenses for at least 2 hours before first use, in a care solution tailored to soft contact lenses.

Poses lenses

Make sure the lenses are moistened before installation. Make it a habit to put your lens right in priority and remember to always make a distinction between right and left lens thereafter.
Place a lens on your index finger and make sure it is clean and not upside down (make sure it is shaped like a bowl). Handle your lens without it makes contact with your fingernails.
Hold your upper lid open with your left hand index and middle finger, at the same time hold your lower lid open with the middle finger of your right hand.
Looking you straight in the mirror, slowly move the lens to your eye.
Carefully release your eyelids and blink.
Gently massage an edge of your eyelid to center your lens. When you are sure it is properly positioned, repeat for the other eye.

Remove the lenses

Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.
Look up and hold the lower eyelid with the middle finger of your right hand. Place your index finger and thumb on opposite sides of the lens, and made the slide slowly down your eye.
Gently pinch the lens, taking care not to pinch too hard.
Repeat for the other eye.

Instructions for lens wear

The lenses are only intended for occasional use.
Check with your ophthalmologist if you want to wear your lenses for long periods daily. It will recommend an appropriate timetable for your eyes.

It is preferable that you wear your lenses up to 4 hours as the first day, and increasing your wear time of 2 hours per day until you reach the maximum level recommended. If you have not worn your lenses for several days, you must take up the recommendations, as if you were wearing for the first time.

Always rinse your lenses before wearing and after being removed with a cleaning solution suitable for soft contact lenses.
After each use, always store your lenses in a new solution for soft contact lenses, making sure not to damage, or catch your lenses, the inner surface in contact with your eyes. If you wear your lenses often, do not forget to regularly replace the solution used to preserve them, and to ensure that containers used for storage areas clean.

These lenses have a maximum duration of use (see external label) and are intended to be replaced at this time, after opening, regardless of how many times they have been used.


DO NOT wear your lenses if they appear to be damaged.
DO NOT share your lenses with anyone else.
DO NOT allow spray or other aerosol cosmetic contact lenses.
DO NOT wear your lenses for swimming (bath, pool, etc..).
DO NOT wear your lenses if you use any pharmaceutical preparation on your eyes.
DO NOT use tap water, saliva or any cleaning product to clean your lenses or accessories or storage case.
ALWAYS remove your lenses before going to bed.
ALWAYS wear your lenses before applying any makeup.
ALWAYS remove your lenses before removing any makeup.
ALWAYS remove your lenses if your eyes become red or irritated, or if you have any discomfort or pain, and seek help from an ophthalmologist.

Important Information

The lenses used only to change the color of your eyes and not correct all types of disabilities of sight.

If you have any of these conditions, then you should not wear these lenses:

Corneal dystrophies
Corneal ulcers
Inflammation of the cornea, eg keratitis
Inflammation of the eye, eg iritis, uveitis
Allergic eye diseases
Any pre-existing eye condition

If you have any doubts, consult a doctor or an ophthalmologist.

The lenses must be used by people with healthy eyes, healthy. Should you have any doubt about whether colored lenses are right for you, consult your doctor or ophthalmologist.

Tracking and Pose

It is advisable to consult your ophthalmologist will give you instructions depending on your case and practical advice for fitting and removing your lenses.
Always have a regular check of your eyes and follow the advice of your doctor or ophthalmologist.
If you experience unexplained discomfort, excessive tearing, vision change or redness, remove your lenses immediately and consult an ophthalmologist.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the above information, consult your doctor or ophthalmologist.